• Sunshines and red wines.

    Vintage Blazer, Unknwon Jeans, Gina Tricot Top, VJ-Style.com Bag, Zara Heels, D&G Earrings
    Wow isn’t the weather just amazing? Well here in Germany it is. I came home from work and it felt so good. I had fun reading some comments. I am not doing this for „Fame“ or any kind of „Success“. I love to dress up and think its such a great Idea to share my Inspiration with you.
    I need to go cut my hair 🙁 But I am always so scared that they are going to screw my hair up, haha.
    What about you? Problems with Hairdressers too?
  • Introducing Theadorabletwo.


    Hey there,
    you probably know us from the Blog Secretfashionlove & Cinderellaalert. We both decided to quit the Blogs we were in ( because of personal reasons) and wanted to create a blog of our own. We are both sisters, Storm(21) and Andrea(16), and spend most of our time together. Please if you liked us before, do follow us. We will return the favor and as well will not disappoint you.
    Andrea & Storm