• Christmas Beauty Look with Givenchy Beauty Audace l’or Collection / Giveaway

    Christmas Beauty Look with Givenchy Beauty Audace l'or Collection Palette Ors Audacieux Theadorabletwo

    Givenchy Beauty Palette Ors Audacieux*

    It´s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

    Pünktlich zum ersten Advent zeige ich euch meinen ersten „Christmas Beauty Look“ mit der limitierten Audace l’or Collection von Givenchy Beauty. Auch wenn ich eher ein Fan von matten Farben bin, darf es zur Weihnachtszeit auch etwas glitzern. Mein kleiner Beauty Post verbirgt noch eine kleine Überraschung, denn ihr habt die Möglichkeit diese limitierte Kollektion zu gewinnen.

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  • The Make-up Post.

    I wanted to show you the make-up I use every single day. I think it is interesting to see what other people use. In the first picture you can see my Make-up Bag from Primark. I love it, because it looks kind of classy haha. (3) I use brown tones really often. I have two palettes that I use. The one is from Douglas and its really good and the other is from Chanel 79 Spices, but its almost finished 🙁 I need a  new one. (4) The red lipstick is also from Chanel, its the rouge allure 67. I must say it makes the lips shine so nice. (4) The best buy is my rouge, also from Chanel, 82 reflex. (5) I hate it when you can’t see the eye shadow after a while. So I bought myself a base from Urban Decay. The Eyeliner is from Rival de Loop and the Mascara from Loreal (Volume Million lashes).What make up products do you use? Do we share the same taste?

    Love Storm