• The Designer Blazer.


    HariThanD Blazer (gifted) – Gina Tricot Shorts – Zara Heels – Primark Rings, Bracelets – Ray Ban Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters Earrings

    With a detailed Collar.

    Hallo liebe Leute,
    mit diesem Post möchte ich auf die Marke HariTHanD aufmerksam machen. Ich konnte tolle Bilder in Port Elisabeth machen.  Ich habe diesen tollen einzigartigen Blazer zugeschickt bekommen und finde den echt super. Tolle Blazer können auf Anfrage bestellt werden. Außerdem arbeiten sie mit verschiedenen Stoffen, Perlen und Steinchen.
    Nur noch 1 Monat und ein paar Prüfungen und ich muss nie wieder zur Uni. Zwar muss ich meine Bachelor Arbeit schreiben, aber nur von zu Hause aus. Die Zeit verging ziemlich schnell, wir haben schon 2013. Jedenfalls werde ich viel Zeit haben und diese auch endlich unserem Blog widmen.
    Aber erstmals heißt es „Augen zu und durch“ !Wie findet ihr das Outfit?Dear Readers,

    in this Post I am wearing a blazer from HariTHanD. They sent me this unique and gorgeous Blazer and I really love the detailed collar. If you like what you see, you can contact them for Information or ordering. They use amazing Fabrics, Pearls and colorful stones.
    Only one month to go and some exams and then I am finished with university. I still have to write my Bachelor, but I can write it from home. Time goes by really fast, can you imagine we are already in 2013. Anyways I will have way more time and can finally invest it in our Blog.

    What do you think of the Outfit?

    Oh, we also have a new Video on Youtube:


    Hope you enjoyed it,

    Love Storm


  • The Skull Scarf.


    H&M Dress – Primark Blazer, Scarf, Heels, Rings, Bracelets – I Am Hat, Bracelet

    The Skulls: Giving The Outfit A Different Look.

    Hallo ihr lieben,
    heute zeige ich euch mein neues Lieblingsoutfit! Ich finde dafür, dass die Sachen fast alle von Primark sind, sieht das Outfit ganz gut aus. Man muss nicht immer teuer einkaufen um stylish auszusehen, oder was meint ihr? Es gab eine große Diskussion auf anderen Blogs, über manche Blogger die ihre Sachen bei VJ-Style.com kaufen es aber als Zara Kleidung ausgeben. Natürlich gab es eine Riesen Empörungswelle, weil die Personen ihren Lesern quasi hintergehen. Ich finde, somit setzten solche Blogger junge Mädels unter Druck. Auf dem Blog von Tara könnt ihr mehr dazu lesen.
    Was sagt ihr dazu? Und wie findet ihr das Outfit?
    Hey Lovelies,
    today I am showing you my favorite Outfit! The Outfit looks really nice, if you think about it, almost all the things are from Primark. You don’t always have to buy way too expensive clothes to look stylish, or what do you think? There was a big discussion about some bloggers that ordered clothes from VJ-Style.com but than said that it was from Zara. Obviously a lot of people got angry, because they are lying to their followers. I think that these bloggers put their readers under pressure to buy expensive clothes.
    What do you think about it? And do you like the Outfit?
    Lots Love
  • Camou And Asymmetric Heels.

    Zara Jacket, Jeans, Heels – Primark Earring – Gina Tricot Ring – oasap.com Spike Bracelet – Internacionale Cross Bracelet, Earcuff – Missselfridge Skull Bracelet

    Asymmetric Heels combined with Camouflage Jacket.

    Hola Everyone,
    its finally weekend, not that I actually Know (Thanks Grammar Nazi) what weekday it is haha. When you have holidays you never Know what day and date it actually is, you probably Know what I mean. So I made myself some time to share another Outfit of mine. I really like this jacket as you can see, I wore it in my last Post as well. I thought of showing you another way I would combine it. And I love the Jeans to the Heels. I think they look perfect together.
    So which look do you prefer? This one or the one with the Snapback?
    Hope you have a great weekend!
    Love Storm
  • The Striped Pants.


    New Yorker Shirt – Primark Pants, Earrings – VJ-style.com Bag – H&M Ring – Ebay Ring –  oasap.com Bracelet – Zara Heels
    Hey Everyone,
    how are you doing? I am doing great! We finally got our apartment. So this means: work. work. work.
    Its so perfect, just like what we wanted. Its near from Town, so that is really good. Today I am going to be ripping off the wallpaper (its so much fun haha).
    To my Outfit: I found these pants at Primark. At first I was not really sure about them, but afterwards I had many Ideas of how to wear it. And this is one of them.
    What do you think?
    Lots Love Storm
  • All In Black With Some Gold.

    triangle,hipster, top, style, adorable


     Primark Blouse&Handcuffs&Earrings&Top // River Island Leggins // Zara Heels // Gina Tricot Ring
    I went to Primark yesterday.. I was so excited because I haven’t been for a long time. But I must say
    I was really disappointed afterwards. They didn’t have much nice things. You had to look in between some clothes to find something that looks really awesome. I found this lovely blouse. I love how it is loooong at the back and cut out as well! Now I can finally shoe off my Tube Top from Primark. The jewelry was great, I am so proud of the handcuffs.
    Yesterday was a busy day, we went to hamburg to drop off Andrea at the Wiz Khalifa concert and actually wanted spend some time walking around. But we just had a Burger at Jim Blocks and then sat in the Car and actually fell a sleep haha. So so much to „going out“.
    What do you think of this Outfit?
    Much Love



  • Black And Lace.


     Primark Blouse&Rings // Zara Shorts&Heels // VJ-style.com Bag // Guess Watch


     This weekend has just been busy. I went to two proms. The first one was on Friday from my Old School ! I hardly new anyone but it was nice to see all my old teachers and have a chat with some classmates to catch up what they are doing now. And yesterday was the Prom of my best friends Sister. We had such a great time. But I ams so tired I could go rest again haha. I love Proms because its always great to see all the girls with their beautiful dresses. Everyone always looks so fab for Prom.
    About the Outfit: Yes I know the ZARA Heels are an actual hype at the moment. Everyone is buying them. But I must say I really fell in love with them. And their are okay for walking.
    Hope you like this Outfit 🙂
    Love Storm


  • A little touch of Sequins.

    Primark Blouse & Shoes | Gina Tricot Sequined tube top & Jeans | Chanel Lipstick
    Just enjoying the warm weather we currently have. These are my new clothes you’ve probably seen in my New in post. I just had to combine them and make an Outfit post. Its holidays yeey, and i dont have to go to school. I might go out with friends today.. Anyways what do you  think about this Outfit ?
    Are you also totally in love with Sequins ?
    Love, Andrea
  • Back to Black.

    River Island Leather Leggins, Vj-style Bag, Boohoo.com Cardigan, H&M Top, Primark Rings/Shoes
    Hey Readers,
    today I finally had time to take Pictures. I bought this cardigan from Boohoo, they got such nice clothes. My nail polish is from Chanel and is called Riviera 537. My weekend was so boring. I had to do some work for University and after that i just watched Gossip Girl haha.. But tonight I am going to the Cinema to watch The Hunger Games ! I am so looking forward to see the movie. Everybody has been talking about it. What about you? Have you seen it yet?
    Besos Storm