• It’s all about the basics

    Storm wears a basic white max and co. blouse with a vintage mom jeans theadorabletwo

    It’s all about the Basics.

    Beim Packen für Kapstadt ist mir aufgefallen, dass ich kaum Basics habe, wie Jeansshorts oder Jeansröcke, die aber für meine Reise essentiell wären. Schließlich möchte ich so wenig wie möglich mitnehmen, aber so viele Kombinationen wie möglich schaffen. Gerade durch die Basics kann man die Looks vielfältig kombinieren. Damit ihr nicht bei eurer nächsten Reise merkt, dass euch auch die wichtigsten Basics fehlen, habe ich euch einige Basics rausgesucht.

    EN: Whilst Packing for Cape Town I noticed that I don’t have the essential Basics, like Jeansshorts and Jeans-Skirt. I don’t really want to take a shit load of clothes with me, but still want to create as much as combinations as possible. Basics are the Key, since you can create the Looks around the piece. So I picked out some Basics for you, so you won’t have any „Basic-Problem“. 

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  • Hvar Look 2 – Caroline Constas Off-Shoulder Bluse & Birkenstocks


    Caroline Constas Blouse (similar here) – Stradivarius Shorts (similar here) – Birkenstock Sandals (similar here) – Céline Trio Bag (similar here) – Dolce & Gabbana Sunnies via Misterspex* 

    Ich bin zurück in Berlin und melde mich mit meinem zweiten Look aus Hvar. Ich habe meine absolute Lieblingsbluse für den Sommer gefunden – diese Caroline Constas Off-Shoulder Bluse. Ganz schlicht kombiniert für einen perfekten Urlaubslook.

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  • Keep it classy.


    Missguided* Blazer – Zara Blouse – Missguided* Shorts – Zara Heels

    Hallo ihr lieben,
    das Wetter wird von Tag zu Tag viel wärmer, es ist so krass. Sommer Sachen also direkt rauspacken, shorts, Kleider und Röcke wuhu:-) wurde auch mal wieder Zeit!
    Heute geht es nach Berlin zu einem  Bloggerevent. Ich freu mich sehr und bin gespannt wie es wird! Wir haben den Tag danach auch noch etwas Zeit, das heißt wir können schön in die Innenstadt und ein paar Läden wie Bershka und Forever 21 besuchen, ein zweites wuhu 🙂 Wir werden viele Bilder machen und euch auch bei Instagram auf dem Laufenden halten.
    Noch einen schönen sonnigen Tag wünsche ich euch allen!
    Hello lovelies,
    the weather is getting hotter and hotter each day, I can’t believe it. So get your summer things back out – shorts, dresses, skirts, wohoo:-) It was time for that!
    Today we’re going to Berlin to a Bloggerevent. I am really excited how it is going to be! Also a day after that we have a bit of time to spend in Berlin so we’ll be able to visit some shops like Bershka and Forever 21,  second wohoo:-) We’ll take a lot of pictures and we’ll keep you tuned on instagram.
    Have a wonderful sunny day!

    xx Andrea

  • Photos De Jeans.


     Vero Moda Top – Gina Tricot Shorts – Zara Jacket – Deichmann Boots
     Normalerweise habe ich mich immer gewehrt Shorts mit einer Strumpfhose zu tragen. Ich dachte, dass es nicht gut ausschauen würde. Jedoch habe ich es jetzt des öfteren gesehen und habe mich auch mal gewagt zu tragen. Zudem wollte ich auch bei nicht so warmen Wetter eine Shorts tragen. Ich mag die high waisted Shorts so gerne, habe sie lange bei Kleiderkreisel gesehen und mich dann doch beschlossen sie mir zu kaufen. Kreislen macht echt Spaß und seid es die App. gibt bin ich echt süchtig geworden. Ich habe mir letztens auch einen coolen Zara Knit Pullover erkreiseln können. Die sieht auch super aus! Ich bin am überlegen ob ich mir meine Spitzen rot färben sollte? Ich finde meine Haare wieder langweilig und möchte sie etwas verändern. Was meint ihr?
    Normally I wouldnt have worn shorts with stockings. Because I thought it wouldnt look nice. But I have seen it now by many people and got into liking it. So I tried it out with my favorite high waisted Shorts from Gina tricot. And I also wanted to wear shorts on a not so warm day. The Jeans are second hand and I started to like buying some clothes second hand. Why not, if they still look like new? I am thinking about dying my tips red.. My hair is getting on my nerves and I think its so boring. What do you think I should do?
    Love Storm


  • The Designer Blazer.


    HariThanD Blazer (gifted) – Gina Tricot Shorts – Zara Heels – Primark Rings, Bracelets – Ray Ban Sunglasses – Urban Outfitters Earrings

    With a detailed Collar.

    Hallo liebe Leute,
    mit diesem Post möchte ich auf die Marke HariTHanD aufmerksam machen. Ich konnte tolle Bilder in Port Elisabeth machen.  Ich habe diesen tollen einzigartigen Blazer zugeschickt bekommen und finde den echt super. Tolle Blazer können auf Anfrage bestellt werden. Außerdem arbeiten sie mit verschiedenen Stoffen, Perlen und Steinchen.
    Nur noch 1 Monat und ein paar Prüfungen und ich muss nie wieder zur Uni. Zwar muss ich meine Bachelor Arbeit schreiben, aber nur von zu Hause aus. Die Zeit verging ziemlich schnell, wir haben schon 2013. Jedenfalls werde ich viel Zeit haben und diese auch endlich unserem Blog widmen.
    Aber erstmals heißt es „Augen zu und durch“ !Wie findet ihr das Outfit?Dear Readers,

    in this Post I am wearing a blazer from HariTHanD. They sent me this unique and gorgeous Blazer and I really love the detailed collar. If you like what you see, you can contact them for Information or ordering. They use amazing Fabrics, Pearls and colorful stones.
    Only one month to go and some exams and then I am finished with university. I still have to write my Bachelor, but I can write it from home. Time goes by really fast, can you imagine we are already in 2013. Anyways I will have way more time and can finally invest it in our Blog.

    What do you think of the Outfit?

    Oh, we also have a new Video on Youtube:


    Hope you enjoyed it,

    Love Storm


  • Pink Peplum & White.

    Zalando Top – Zara Shorts, Heels – Primark Rings, Watch – Marc Jacobs Bracelet, Urban Outfitters Earrings
    Its our last day in Linz today. We are leaving Saturday early in the morning. Yesterday we were in Vienna. It was really nice, I enjoyed myself. We went to see Schönbrunn, which is so beautiful. We also went into town and looked at the stores. It was so hot in Vienna, so we got exhausted very quickly. We drove back to Linz and watched the new Movie Step Up Miami Heat. I really enjoyed the movie. Every time I watch a movie with dancing I want to start dancing haha. It looks so cool in the movies but when I do it it looks ridiculously silly.
    I finally had the time do an Outfit Post. I wore this Outfit to town in Linz. What do you think of the combination? And have you seen the Movie yet?
    Love Storm
  • Simply Red.

    Primark Blouse, Shorts, Handcuffs / Ring lookbookstore / Shoes no name

    Hello Readers! 🙂 When I first saw these shoes I just had to try them on – loved the color and they just looked amazing. But then I didn’t buy them, because they didn’t have my size. Luckily when my sister was in town a week after that, she found the shoes, available in my size and on sale (!) so she bought them for me 🙂
    I like the simple combination of this outfit. And the red shoes just gives the outfit a sophisticated touch.
    What do you think  ?
    Take Care, Andrea


  • Spikes and Lace.

    Watch, Spike Bracelet, RIngs, Gold


    Zara Blouse&Shorts – Primark Heels – Urban Outfitters Ring – Ebay Lookbookstore Ring- Oasap.com Bracelet – Guess Watch
    Isn’t the weather just amazing? I am so happy that its finally gone so warm. We had the chance to take Pictures for our Blog. And I could show off my new clothes I got from the Zara Sale. Everyone is into Spikes now and I must say I am a fan of them. I got my Bracelet from: Oasap.com.
    Hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather.
    What do you think about spikes?
    Love Storm


  • Black And Lace.


     Primark Blouse&Rings // Zara Shorts&Heels // VJ-style.com Bag // Guess Watch


     This weekend has just been busy. I went to two proms. The first one was on Friday from my Old School ! I hardly new anyone but it was nice to see all my old teachers and have a chat with some classmates to catch up what they are doing now. And yesterday was the Prom of my best friends Sister. We had such a great time. But I ams so tired I could go rest again haha. I love Proms because its always great to see all the girls with their beautiful dresses. Everyone always looks so fab for Prom.
    About the Outfit: Yes I know the ZARA Heels are an actual hype at the moment. Everyone is buying them. But I must say I really fell in love with them. And their are okay for walking.
    Hope you like this Outfit 🙂
    Love Storm


  • Casual Look.


     Primark Top&Earrings // Gina Tricot Shorts&Ring // H&M Ring // Allstar Chucks
    Sun and warmth showed up unexpectedly and yes, finally could take out a few
    summer clothes like shorts that were just lying in the closet! This is a quite simple combination
    and it’s chic, casual and cute at the same time 🙂  Also it is very comfortable, I guess
    it would be good for a long day of shopping or someday or occasion which affords
    walking for hours. All Star Converse Chucks are just the best for that.What do you think of this outfit? And do you also love
    Chucks ?Take Care, Andrea