• Safe & Sound.

    Missguided Jacket – Romwe Dress – Zara Sandals – Ray Ban Shades – Bianca Milov Skull Bracelets – Schmucker Ebay Store Look a Like Tory Burch Bracelet – Primark Ring – Ebay Lookbookstore Clutch
    Ich liebe Vokuhila Kleider, vor allem die mit den Glitzer Ärmeln. Die sind einfach schön und man kann sie zu vielen Veranstaltungen anziehen. Ich hatte das Outfit zu einem Geburtstag an. Die Sonne strahlte so schön und ich habe jede Sekunde genossen. Da ich weiße Schuhe eher nicht so schön finde, habe ich das weiße Kleid mit meinen neuen Sandalen kombiniert. Bald sind Semesterferien und ich werde dann bald nach Österreich fliegen. Ich freue mich schon drauf, da Wien so schön ist. Vorher ist jedoch schreiben angesagt, da ich immer noch nicht wirklich geschafft habe meine Hausarbeit zu schreiben.
    I love these dresses, especially the ones with the sequined arms. They are just so nice and you can wear it to different events. I wore this Outfit to a Birthday Party. The sun was shining and I enjoyed every second of it. Because I dont like white shoes that much, I combined my new black Sandals from Zara. Soon I have holidays and I am going to be traveling to Austria. I am so excited because I love Vienna. But before I can relax I have to start writing, I still havent done any uni work.. Shame on me 🙁
  • Spikes and Lace.

    Watch, Spike Bracelet, RIngs, Gold


    Zara Blouse&Shorts – Primark Heels – Urban Outfitters Ring – Ebay Lookbookstore Ring- Oasap.com Bracelet – Guess Watch
    Isn’t the weather just amazing? I am so happy that its finally gone so warm. We had the chance to take Pictures for our Blog. And I could show off my new clothes I got from the Zara Sale. Everyone is into Spikes now and I must say I am a fan of them. I got my Bracelet from: Oasap.com.
    Hope you are enjoying the fantastic weather.
    What do you think about spikes?
    Love Storm


  • The Pink Jeans.


     Primark Blouse&Bracelets // Zara Jeans&Heels // Gina Tricot Bag&Ring // H&M Ring // Urban Outfitters Earrings // Guess Watch
    Hey lovely Readers,
    Just showing you todays Outfit! I love my new Blue Heels from Zara and now I finally have something that matches with my bright blue Bag YEEI! It has been a busy week and it keeps getting busier. I just need some sleep haha. Anyways I hope you had a great weekend! And enjoy your last day of the weekend. I am going to do some University work 🙁
    BTW: For those of you who have instagram or any of you! I have a contest running with loadnvote.
    Contest Alert!
    For those of you who have a „passion for fashion“, Loadnvote.com and TheAdorableTwo have teamed up to host an Instragram „Fashion-Gram“ contest! Enter your best fashion photos and wait until the voting begins on July 9th! The winning photo gets a $100 gift card to Zara! This is your time to express yourself.
    Simply just go on this link:http://loadnvote.com/contest/original-fashion-gramAll you have to do is go onto the link upload your own fashion outfit or fashion picture.

    Good Luck to all of you !!
  • Romantic Cream Dress.


     Oasap Dress // Primark Heels&Ring // Vintage Clutch // Urban Outfitters Earrings // Accessorize RingI bought this Beautiful Dress from Oasap. Its such a romantic dress for going out.
    It fits very nice and I love spinning around with it haha. The next few weeks are going to be hectic and busy. We have to organize our exhibition that we are planning on doing from our University.
    We invited some German Stars we hope they will come haha.
    Hope you like this outfit.